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Volumes of Liftvans - Trucks - Containers
The liftvan is used for storage and movement between countries or by vessel.
The size and shape of a liftvan is such that
5 liftvans fit into a 20' Steelcontainer ( average not high cube)
6-7 liftvans fit into a Truck ( Truck or trailor, not semi )
10 liftvans fit into a 40' Steelcontainer ( average not high cube)

Equipment cuft cbm MWM lbs kg
Liftvan (average) 200 5,6 1,1 1200 550
Truck (average) 1400 40 8 8400 3800
20' Steelcontainer (average) 1050 30 6 6300 2900
40' Steelcontainer (average) 2100 60 12 12600 5800

Keep in mind ALL sizes and weights are average.
The only basic rule is 5 liftvans fit into a 20' Container (10 x 40') for overseas shipping
The average liftvan is (1,15 x 2,20 x 2,20m)(3 x 8 x 8 feet) = 196 cuft or 5,6 cbm

If you load housholdgoods loose into a 20' or 40' container an average of 10% is gained
If you load less than two thirds of a steelcontainer cost and stability of the householdgoods are jeopardised
With proper bracing and serparation, householdgoods and cars can be shipped in one (40')container

Liftvans are used for fast loading and unloading of steelcontainers, less then 1 hour.
If you pack householdsgood loose into a Steelcontainer
It takes an average of 1 man/hour to load (200 cuft or 5 cbm or 1 MWM or 1200 lbs or 550 kg)
and an average of 1/2 man/hour to unload (200 cuft or 5 cbm or 1 MWM or 1200 lbs or 550 kg)
If you pack loose into a Steelcontainer items with more then 2,30m or 7 feet lengs do not need a special crate.

Average conversions to estimate size or weight of a householdgood shipment.

cuft cbm MWM lbs kg
cuft 1 35 175 6 2.7
cbm 35 1 5 210 95
MWM 175 5 1 1050 475
lbs 6 210 1050 1 0.45
kg 2.7 95 475 0.45 1

Sample = a shipment has 5000 lbs net or 2500 kg or 800 cuft or 25 cbm or 5 MWM ( ! AVERAGE ! )
The term DENSITY can be used for size and weight relations
if you get 6 lbs into 1 cuft, it is called a DENSITY of 6 (lbs net per cuft)
DENSITY is a major factor in shipping overseas.
1/3 of the cost is based on time, (Packing and unpacking)
1/3 of the cost is based on weight (Freight Origin to port and port to Destination)
and 1/3 of the cost is based on size. (Oceanfreight, Airfreight)
As a result the more weight you get into a cuft with the proper packing method,
the lower the cost for packing material, shipping containers, storage space, freight and claims will be.
DENSITY will make you highly compeditive.

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P.S. What is a MWM ?