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Please help us to post the import regulations for household goods to every country we have listed. Thanks !

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JOB-Site Employment-Opportunity by movers. - SHOPPING-MALL Sale or want ads for moving equipment incl. Trucks, Trailers, Cartons, etc.
We started this web-site in Aug 2000. It took many changes to come up with the present appearance. More changes will be made. Please come and visit again. We like to setup the pages in four languages. We are grateful for any suggestions you have to improve this web-site.(500 Pages) We started out with 300 addresses of movers we knew around the world. now 2480 are listed. Please join and register your company. ©2003
The requests for a moving-estimate are rising. We can only forward the info to movers registered with us. Since it is free of charge to register, join us now. The EURO € is in effect since Jan 1. 2002. We have a listing of the exchange-rates and some EURO-signs.
Consolidation Service for movers offers the opportunity to list shipments immediatly on the web-site - for fast results. EXCHANGE-CONSOLIDATION-SERVICE We are constantly expanding our services offered. 2480 Movers listed at this time. We add 10 to 20 Movers a month to our list. We have 35 associations listed at this time. You find import/general information on 256 countries. We get over 30 requests a month for estimates on moves around the world. Apx. 40 visitors a month check their volume to be moved at this site. Countless visitors get information on how to move every day from our info sheets. If you know of a company not listed send us the info. Thanks !
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We like to do a better job in our spanish and french sections. If you find the words used are not appropriate, send us a note. Thanks. Always at your service
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